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Chicken carcasses and Compost

September 25, 2013

This is supposed to be a blog about compost, and I have been a little distracted lately, so here is a piece about the core subject. (Drafted a little over a year ago!)

My composting has fallen into a routine which is regulated by how often we eat chicken (or sometimes duck, or occasionally rabbit, all from the Farmers’ Market).  Being just the two of us, one small animal provides us with at least two meals followed by a great soup made from stock from the carcass.
But then there is still the problem of what to do with the bones.  Ignoring the dire warnings against putting bones of any kind in the compost, but mindful of the fact that critters might be interested, and flies certainly are, I use a new set of bones for a ceremonial turning of the pile.
I have five pallets forming an E, or two bays.  I build the pile in one.  Then on burial day, the remains of the chicken or duck or rabbit are deposited in the empty bay, and the whole pile is  turned over on top of it.  This happens about once a week.  You have to believe me when I say that there is no trace of previous carcasses – nothing, nada, zilch.

I first noticed this phenomenon when I went down to the veggie garden and there was a dead possum lying near the compost piles.  So I dug it into the middle of the most active pile and went away.  About four days later I turned the pile and there was no sign of the possum.  Neither was there any sign of the pile having been disturbed. Nevertheless, I reckoned the possum must have been pretending and had woken up and wandered off.  Then I found  dead bird, and that vanished into the pile.  Now the chickens.


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  1. Dawn Vroombout permalink

    Your writing about shit and give a thumbs down on an error in spelling
    Bite mr

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