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July 30, 2012

At least one American is proud to be so:

Dear Mrs Whitehouse,

Thank you for pointing out to us the many deficiencies of our democratic society.  Having told us what a “great country” does not do, have, or allow, you then tell us what you “cannot support” in our electoral process.

Fortunately for you, Mrs Whitehouse, you will not be required to address any of these issues since you are adamantly “not an American” and therefore cannot vote.  As an alternative to voting Nov. 6, perhaps a trip back to England to clebrate Guy Fawkes night Nov. 5 would be a good choice.

I believe he was also anti-government,


A Proud American,

Joyce Merletti


This letter appeared above my second letter explaining that I am not English.  I might also comment here that I have never voted.  Not once, not anywhere.

By chance I was out of South Africa for the two elections I was old enough to vote in and the Nationalist Party could have been the model for states like Florida which are so creative in limiting the number of people who can vote: South Africa did not allow absentee votes, knowing full well that anyone who had dared to travel abroad would vote against them and their policy of apartheid.

During the years we lived in Italy, neither my English husband nor I could vote – not for Italy because we were not Italian and not for the UK because we did not have a residence in that country.  For the same reasons we could not even vote for the European Parliament.

And you know about my position here.

Actually one vote every four years is not that significant. You can tell that because so few Americans even bother to vote.


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